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‘Iniiwasan ko’: Markus Paterson doesn’t want to do another project with Janella Salvador

Markus Paterson explained why he doesn’t want to do a project with Janella Salvador in the future.



10/14/2019 9:00 AM
‘Iniiwasan ko’: Markus Paterson doesn’t want to do another project with Janella Salvador

When asked about his inspiration for his laudable performance in the iWant original drama-thriller Kargo, Markus Paterson shied away from choosing the more obvious answer. 

During a special screening for the two episodes of the five-part mini-series, Markus Paterson said he currently draws inspiration from his family. 

“Of course, my friends, my family, my mom. They’re always supporting my career,” he said. 

He went on: “And nagkaroon ako ng aksidente. I needed a lot of family support. And I’m thankful that my family is there. My Star Magic family is there to look after me. And the road to recovery was a lot quicker, was a lot better just by having the chance to get better again.”

But Markus Paterson wasn’t able to get away from getting asked from the entertainment press about the real score between him and Janella Salvador. 

“Real score? Of course alam niyo naman na wala akong sasabihin to confirm or deny,” he said. “We’re great,” he added. 

Paterson also revealed that Janella Salvador has already seen the Star Creatives-produced series which also stars Rio Locsin and Gillian Vicencio.  

“I believe she has. She really enjoys it. She loves it,” he stated.

With Paterson having already shared on Tonight With Boy Abunda about how special Janella is to him, he chose not to disclose further details about his relationship with her. “That’s up to you. I’ve said all that I need to say.” 

Having first worked together in an episode of Maalala Mo Kaya, Markus Paterson reveals that they have been close friends for six months now. 

“Mag-sisix months. Ten months since MMK. Doon lang talaga kami naging close ni Janella,” he said.

Asked what he loves most about Janella, Paterson said: “She’s amazing, she’s beautiful. She’s warm. She’s a great actress.” 

Although he didn't specify the reason, Markus Paterson revealed that he doesn't want to do a project with Janella Salvador.

“‘Yun po ‘yung iniiwasan ko. Obvious reasons. I mean, she has her own career. I have my own career. Ayaw namin i-touch ‘yun,” he said. 

Kargo is now streaming on iWant.