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EXCLUSIVE: Nyoy Volante says his first love has always been theater

Nyoy Volante graduated from a degree in Technical Theater before he launched an acoustic singing career.


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10/11/2019 12:50 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Nyoy Volante says his first love has always been theater

As an anti-hero in the Atlantic productions musical Sweeney Todd, Nyoy Volante said he is enjoying his latest role onstage. “Adolfo Firelli who plays one of the villains. He’s the comic relief in the dark show that Sweeney Todd is. In a nutshell, I’m Sweeney Todd’s competition in the barber area kasi pareho kaming barbero. I always enjoy all my roles. The nice thing about me being involved in these things is that I can’t be as crazy as I am when in doing my music with my guitar. As opposed to in theater nailalabas ko lahat ng kulo ko as a comedian, as a crazy person dito ko nalalabas lahat. I really enjoy myself,” he said.

Although he’s more popularly known as singer and judge, Nyoy said his heart has always belonged to theater. “Even as a student I was with Gantimpala (Theater Foundation). I did my OJT with them and New Voice Company. I had early stints with Atlantis. But as an actor it was mostly with Atlantis. I did the production of Kanser with Gantimpala before. I was all set to be in the backstage of theater kasi I graduated AB Technical Theater so dapat backstage ako. I never really wanted to be in the performing side of things. And then I did. People know me to be a singer but what a lot of people don’t know is that I entered theater first. I did theater and then eventually I became a singer and then I had to stop theater because I had to focus on my singing career. And then after mga six years siguro gusto ko na mag-theater ulit and then I did. But when I did that people thought that was the first time I was doing theater. What they didn’t know is that was my comeback,” he explained.

Even after doing numerous stage productions, Nyoy said his role in Sweeney Todd is special for him. “Sa TV nag-kontrabida na rin ako nun, but this is my first villain role in the theater world. I’m very excited kasi it’s a different attack. Of course, nandun pa rin yung comedy. Actually yung insertion ng comedy in the show is different because iba rin yung approach. Hindi katulad nung iba where the show is comedy from start to finish. Dito, there’s a certain mixture to it, merong certain approach and aside from working with the greats, Ms. Lea Salonga, sir Jett Pangan, si Ima Castro., but more than anything else, it’s a really, really, hard piece and I guess with that comes yung double yung satisfaction pag nagawa niyo na, when you’re actually standing there and realizing we finished it. We rehearsed this for three weeks and then we’re done. Iba yung satisfaction knowing you conquered that. Believe me you have to be there to realize that this is really hard. The music and the story and especially the way direk Bobby Garcia is re-staging it and executing it, iba eh. So that’s very exciting,” he said.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will run from October 11 to 27 at the Theater at Solaire. The musical also stars Lea Salonga, Jett Pangan, Ima Castro, and Nyoy Volante. Tickets are available online at Ticketworld.