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Sad truth in pageants? Gloria Diaz says: ‘No one remembers the runners-ups’

Gloria Diaz says she based her statement on her own experience.



10/10/2019 11:13 AM
Sad truth in pageants? Gloria Diaz says: ‘No one remembers the runners-ups’

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, one of the guest stars in the Netflix show Insatiable, did not mince her words about the realities of faced by beauty queens. 

This, after Miss Grand International 2016 Nicole Cordoves asked the OG Queen herself about her interpretation of the show’s theme for the second season, “Queens Take Control.”

According to Diaz, pageant winners receive much better treatment compared to other beauty queens. 

"Well, I'm talking based on experience. To a certain extent, the winner has the say. I mean, they always talk about the first runner-up, second runner-up. There comes a time, after one or two years, nobody remembers the runners-up. So it's the queens who take control,” the 68-year-old Miss Universe titleholder said. 

She went on to say that even when it comes to food options, pageant winners still take control. 

"And I've experienced that in a very simple way, let's say, ordering food. If the winner wants inihaw na baboy... even if everybody wants quinoa, it's the inihaw na baboy that comes,” Diaz said. 

The two lead stars of the show, on the other hand, Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, shared their experience working with Diaz whom they both referred to as a strong and formidable woman. 

“Having seen and worked with the ladies on the show, queens don’t ask permission for control or they don’t wait for control. They just take control to stay at the top," Roberts said.

“Our writer, our show runner, majority of our producers, and some of our executives at Netflix are all really cool, strong women. I’ve never been at a set where not only women are at the top, but there are roles in the crew that you don’t typically see with women. They’re holding the lights and building the sets,” he added. 

“There’s so many different types of strength that a woman can exude. It’s just in the DNA of the show. And the thing I’ve noticed, and all of these women — specifically working with Gloria, with her formidable, terrifying energy — respect is not demanded. It’s commanded. I think that is really prevalent to me and all of the powerful women I’m around and look up to,” Ryan stated. 

Meanwhile, the much-awaited Insatiable Season 2 drops on Netflix this October 11.