LOOK: Moira Dela Torre’s fun bridal shower

Only a few days away before she finally becomes Mrs. Jason Marvin!



1/9/2019 2:16 PM
LOOK: Moira Dela Torre’s fun bridal shower

Photo credit: @moirarachelle on IG

A few short days before she marries her fiancé, Jason Marvin, Moira Dela Torre spent an unforgettable night with her best friends to mark her last day as a bachelorette. The singer on Tuesday night took to Instagram to share highlights from her bridal shower – which saw matching pink outfits, glittery giveaways, and sexy thongs, among other details. 

“Thank you best friends for giving me the craziest send-off, for the sex & marriage lessons, and most importantly, for being with me thru the breaking and the breakthroughs.

“I know my future children are gonna have the best ninangs. So grateful for your friendship,” says the Tagpuan hit maker.


The wedding bells are set to ring for the couple on January 4, sometime after their engagement, revealed on Tagpuan’s music video, shocked fans online late in April 2018.