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Kris Aquino to ABS-CBN: ‘I apologize nadamay kayo sa gulo’

Kris Aquino urges Nicko Falcis not to involve ABS-CBN in their issue.



1/9/2019 7:08 PM
Kris Aquino to ABS-CBN: ‘I apologize nadamay kayo sa gulo’

Kris Aquino took to social media to issue a statement regarding Nicko Falcis' recent interview wherein he claimed that Kris still has emotional baggage regarding her separation from her former mother network ABS-CBN.

Nicko, in a tell-all with ANC's Ces Drilon, mentioned that his rift with the former TV host began August of last year, when she returned home from the Crazy Rich Asians premiere in Hollywood. Kris found out that Metro.style, an ABS-CBN website, got access to some of her exclusive pictures from the premiere, which according to the businessman 'triggered her most insecure side and she lashed out on us.' He even added that Kris mentioned he should be aware of the her and the network's history. “You know Nicko, that we do not like them and we will never give in to them,” he said, recalling Kris' words during that time.

In response, Kris posted this afternoon via Facebook, "I can admit to heartbreak that it ended not in the way I wished with ABS. But did ABS-CBN ever steal money from me? I am HONEST enough- I earned much, hundreds of millions in my years with ABS-CBN. I am proud, malaki rin ang naakyat kong pera sa ABS-CBN. Kung finances ang pag-uusapan - wala kaming issue."

The actress added that the owners of ABS-CBN have actually been a part of her family's life. "Nobody can erase history. Sabay nakulong si tito Geny Lopez and my dad during Martial Law. Kung ano man ang mga issues of misunderstanding, tito Manolo and tita Maritess Lopez loved mom. Their youngest son Mark is now chairman. i said this and I stand by it - when someone did good for my mom, (in this case- SOBRANG LOVE and RESPECT ang binigay ni tito Manolo and tita Maritess to Mom) I’ll stop my worst impulses - because of my mom and her memory," she posted.

Kris urged Nicko not to involved ABS-CBN in their issue. "I stated, for my sons & the memory of my parents, I can HUMBLE myself. In this instance 'wag idamay ang ABS-CBN. 'Wag ilihis ang issue."

She also said sorry to ABS-CBN management.

"From my heart, to Chairman Mark Lopez (most especially his parents) and President/CEO Carlo Katigbak - I apologize nadamay kayo sa gulo. You deserve for me to stand up and give you the high esteem you rightfully deserve," Kris said.

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