Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola give word to their bashers

The celebrity couple recently aired their sentiments on constantly getting hate for their romantic affair – and how they’re not blind to it at all.



1/4/2019 2:17 PM
Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola give word to their bashers

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For a couple whose relationship has been constantly criticized from the start, Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola are fed up with all the hate. After all, it has been over two years since they officially got together, and bashers still wouldn’t let them off the hook no matter what.

In light of this, Luis recently took to Instagram to repost a quote about trolls and bullies on social media, alluding to those who have victimized him and his girlfriend for the past few years or so that they’ve been involved in a romantic affair.  




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In the comments section, Jessy, who just recently admitted to once having tried to take her own life due to depression, followed with her own sentiments on getting bashed online.

“Unfortunately, they think that it’s okay because they are entitled to their ‘opinion and ‘freedom of speech’, but what these people don’t realize is how much their words can affect one’s life, let alone end one,” she said.

The Girl in the Orange Dress actress also revealed that she gets a lot of death wishes from her bullies until this very day.

“Ang daming nagco-comment [sa ‘kin ng] ‘mamatay ka na’. I mean, can you imagine? Where is [the] humanity?,” she said, citing that she would never, for the life of her, wish that on somebody else, not even her bashers.

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Meanwhile, a netizen attempted to hit back at Luis by calling him out for reposting funny but supposedly shameful content on his Instagram feed.

“[This includes] you by resharing those vids that seem funny for you but a shame for those who are on it,” the comment read.

The actor then defended himself by clarifying that most – if not all – of the subjects in the videos have direct messaged him to give their thanks for his appreciation. 

“I have had people DM for me to take down a post for one reason or another. I simply apologize and do it. Other people even laugh and thank me for sharing their funny vid or moment,” he explained.

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