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Ogie Alcasid on daughter Leila dating: ‘I think they’re good for each other’

Ogie Alcasid reveals how he and his eldest daughter are rebuilding their relationship.


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1/26/2019 9:49 AM
Ogie Alcasid on daughter Leila dating: ‘I think they’re good for each other’

Photo credit: @leilalcasid IG

Now that his eldest daughter Leila is now based in the country, Ogie Alcasid said he is enjoying being close to her after so many years of living apart. “It’s a different kind of parenting. I love it. The fact that I’m able t`o be close to her again and get to know her better. Siyempre ang daming years na hindi kami magkasama. I take her out every once in a while. We date. Just to show her this is how a man should treat you. I talk to her. I listen to what she’s saying because she’s an adult. Ngayon hindi na niya kailangan magpaalam sa akin. Although she still does,” he shared during the presscon for his Master of Love concert with Ryan Cayabyab on February 13 at Resorts World Manila. 

The OPM icon said even though Leila is already of age, he is not worried she will move out on her own soon. “Wala naman siyang sinasabing ganun. First of all, she can’t afford it (laughs). But I think yung relationship namin ngayon has evolved. We’ve become a lot closer kahit two years pa lang siya dito. So it’s good,” he added.

During the interview, Ogie could not hide how proud he was of his daughter and the way that she is handling relationships with the opposite sex. “Well my daughter will kill me for saying this but yes she’s dating someone. But I cannot tell you who. Ask her na lang (laughs). It’s good. I talk a lot to the man and he’s respectable, he’s respectful, he’s very responsible. I think they’re good for each other. I think they help each other out emotionally, spiritually, and I like that. I talk to her once in a while just so she can get a point of view of a man and this is how we think. Obviously having a relationship is a commitment so it takes a lot of your millennial time you know. I’m happy,” he shared.

With Leila having grown up in Australia, Ogie said when she first started dating it was not as easy for him to accept. “Nagkaroon na naman siya ng boyfriend noon eh. So that was weird for me, her first boyfriend. Not because he was weird but because my goodness, may boyfriend yung anak ko. But now I’m a little older, she’s more mature and I really know she has the maturity to handle a relationship and learn more. She’s in a very good place right now and that’s all I can say,” he added.

As a dad, Ogie said he is happy his daughter always listens to his advice and guidance. “Yung anak ko kasi, she is solid spiritually so she knows her boundaries. She just knows and she knows my stand on a lot of issues, on relationships. But her standards are her own and they’re solid so wala akong masabi,” he admitted