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EXCLUSIVE: Markus Paterson on recovering after his motorcycle accident: ‘Emotionally I was all over the place’

Markus Paterson returns to acting in director Mikhail Red’s newest film, ‘Dead Kids’.


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1/23/2019 9:32 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Markus Paterson on recovering after his motorcycle accident: ‘Emotionally I was all over the place’

Photo credit: @markus on IG

After getting injured in a motorcycle accident last October which left him bedridden until the end of the year, Markus Paterson was happy to be back at work as part of the cast of the upcoming Globe Studios project Dead Kids which will be under Birdshot director Mikhail Red. “Honestly when I got into the accident I was really working hard so I could get into the film Block Z also under direk Mikhail Red and unfortunately I couldn’t get there in time. The stunts and the running were too demanding for my leg and it would slow down the whole recovery process. But this film is also under direk Mik and it’s my first time to work with him. It’s a beautiful script and it’s an exciting role,” he shared during the Dead Kids presscon held last January 21 in Quezon City.

Markus admitted he went through a difficult time during his stay in the hospital and until now since he is undergoing rigorous rehabilitation therapy. “I’m working on my thigh and my kneecap because I broke my femur and my kneecap was shattered in the accident. Those are the main parts. I’m at 80% bending capacity now hoping to get to 90% para makapag-bike ulit ako. It’s going really well. Right now my recovery is a lot quicker than expected. I was supposed to start walking without crutches in February but they started already in December. So it’s a very fast sort of process. You know I take my therapy seriously and I do it everyday para makapag-work ulit ako. I’m happy with my results,” he told PUSH.

Having learned to ride a motorcycle at an early age, Markus said he was not traumatized by the accident. “I started learning when I was 16 but technically I started riding when I was 13 sa Pangasinan naman yun eh in my mom’s warehouse. In the province I used to ride a bike and in England I also rode so when I got a bike here, I rode. It’s a big difference kasi in England traffic is a lot less crazy and people are a lot more civilized on the ride so it was a big jump pero hindi naman ako na-trauma sa accident. It happens eh. I’m not going to stop riding. My family is not going to stop me. I used to ride my bike to taping a lot,” he explained.

Markus said he was lucky to have a strong support system to get him through his recent ordeal which included dealing with strong opinions from netizens. “I got bashed when I got into my accident. I was in my hospital bed reading it. But honestly the accident came out of nowhere and I was shocked. I woke up in the hospital and obviously my Star Magic handler was there, my manager was there. A friend of mine was there but my mom took a couple of days to get here but she ended up coming. Emotionally I was all over the place but I had a good circle of friends around me, I have my family with me. So they pulled me back up and that’s why one of my goals in 2019 is to work harder than ever to get back into this and enjoy it,” he said.

If there’s one lesson Markus has learned from the experience though, it is to listen to his body, especially after a long day at work. “If it’s too late na and you’re too tired just don’t ride motorcycles,” he added.