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Gretchen Barretto hits back at Kris Aquino: ‘There’s always a reason kung bakit tayo sumasawsaw’

Gretchen Barretto explains her connection to Alice Eduardo and why she doesn’t mind being labeled a ‘sawsawera.”



1/19/2019 1:01 PM
Gretchen Barretto hits back at Kris Aquino: ‘There’s always a reason kung bakit tayo sumasawsaw’

Photos credit: @juansarte / @krisaquino IG

After being mentioned by Kris Aquino in her most recent Instagram live session last January 16, Gretchen Barretto answered back with her own online live session after midnight on January 19, Saturday, which garnered more than 1,300 viewers in under nine minutes. In Kris’s session, the controversial personality alluded that Gretchen’s beef with her may have something to do with a certain “Alice Eduardo.”

Gretchen clarified that the businesswoman is not the reason for her actions online. She said in her IG live, “Okay yung kay Alice Eduardo hindi po totoo. Alice Eduardo has always been my friend. Wala kaming alitan ni Alice Eduardo. Sa kapatid niya kami may alitan for businesses I don’t want to disclose now unless i-disclose nila. Si Tony Cojuangco na on February 2, magiging 25 years na kami. You know I’m so not into the business world. Alam niyo naman ako puro showbiz. Pag creative ka you’re not good in business. I accept that. Iniiwan ko yun kay dada.

“Ladies and gentlemen, ano ba sinasabi ng ating pinakamamahal na drama queen na Kris Aquino? Ang sinasabi niya nadamay siya. Hindi po siya nadamay. Dinadamay niya ang sarili niya. Kung sinasabi niyo sawsawera ako, mas sawsawera po siya. Hindi po ako nagsasawsaw sa suka kung hindi niya sinasawsaw ang kanyang buhay sa aking buhay. Ako po ay nananahimik matagal na. When she was in power, ladies and gentlemen, sinawsaw niya ang kanyang fingers sa aking buhay many times over. Like with Alice Eduardo, sinasabi niya, okay I hate to do this because Alice Eduardo means a lot to me also. Si Alice Eduardo po, many years ago, a few years ago, had (gotten) in trouble with her tax. I don’t want to say it but I will say it anyway because that’s me. Ako po yan. Nagkaproblema si Alice Eduardo sa tax niya dito sa Pilipinas. She was being charged hundreds of millions or billions of pesos po at tinulungan po ni Kris Aquino kay Kim Henares if I’m not mistaken, para mapababa ang kanyang ibababayad kay Kim Henares o sa gobyerno natin. Yun po ang nangyari. At that time I was having tampuhan with her sister which I know I refuse to even say her name,” she said in part.

Gretchen also addressed the issue of her being tagged as a “sawsawera” by netizens. “Ang akin kasi, I didn’t want to tell the truth. Ginaganun ganun ko lang naman eh. Kasi there’s always a reason kung bakit tayo sumasawsaw. Ayoko magsawsaw pero meron tayong pinanggagalingan. Whether you bash me or not, I really don’t care. But at this point I will tell the truth. Hindi naman tayo nakikisawsaw. Ako hindi ako nakikisawsaw sa buhay ng ibang tao kung hindi naman sinasawsaw ang buhay nila sa akin. Many times over nagsawsaw po ang isang Kris Aquino sa buhay ko. I’d like to answer that,” she said.

Throughout the live video, Gretchen explained that her grievance against Kris was more than just a personal one. “Let’s talk about the taxpayer’s money. Unang una kasi hindi naman niya binanggit kung ano yung totoo. Hindi ko ibabanggit yung totoo hangga’t hindi niya aminin ang totoo. Ako naman kasi, I’ve always been transparent. I don’t have reason to lie. I don’t want to lie. It’s easier to say the truth…. 

“…Kris, kung talagang mahal mo ang Pilipino at ang buong Pilipinas sana prinotektahan mo ang mamamayang Pilipino. Because at that time na your brother (ABNOY) was in power, he was the president of the Philippines. Eh di ba dapat kung kailangan magbayad si Alice Eduardo ng kanyang tax na tayo mga Filipino people ang talagang, how do you say it in Tagalog, we will reap the benefits. Pero alam mo tinulungan kasi ni Kris Aquino at that time si Alice Eduardo sa kanyang tax na bumaba ang bayad ni Alice Eduardo sa tax niya. Alam namin yun dahil pinagkakalat din ni Alice Eduardo at kanyang mga kapatid na tinulungan ni Kris Aquino at ang halaga lang daw is binabayaran lang daw ng mga pinagsha-shopping ni Gary the gay friend from L.A. Gary Garcia from L.A parang he would buy things from the States and send it to Kris Aquino. Of course I felt so bad because alam mo for whatever yung mga pinag-sha-shopping lang, yun lang? Parang ha? And she was supposed to pay a hefty amount. Dun pumupunta. Pero one of the many reasons lang yun mga kaibigan.

“No I’m not going to stop. May mga nagsasabing stop. No I’m not going to stop. You know, I am a Filipino. We all pay taxes. We all work very hard so my point is, prinotektahan ni Kris Aquino when she was in power and when she was saying, ‘I love ate Alice.’ Whatever girl, you love her so much. You know in exchange of like bags and clothes and shoes. And that’s so not fair. And right now, I hate to gloat that you’re suffering right now. I mean we don’t like that. We don’t gloat when somebody is suffering because that is karma. But right now that is what’s happening. You know what you do, what you give out into this universe you will receive and I will stop. Kung ano po ang nangyayari ngayon, I mean lahat naman tayo may pag-iisip. Pag-isipan niyo po whatever is happening to us right now is you make your own judgments,” she said.

Gretchen had recently expressed her support for Nicko Falcis, former managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP) who is now facing charges filed by Kris that he had used company money for personal purposes. Kris is also part of the Cojuangco clan while Gretchen has been with partner Tonyboy Cojuangco for almost 25 years.

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