Jessy Mendiola admits she’s ready to be a mom

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano had a romantic time in Japan.



1/18/2019 10:52 AM
Jessy Mendiola admits she’s ready to be a mom

Photo credit: @senorita_jessy on IG

Jessy Mendiola finally released the first part of her first-ever vlog post where it featured her travel in Okinawa, Japan with her beau Luis Manzano.

The couple went to see Jessy’s elder sister Pam and her family. They toured around Okinawa and instantly fell in love with the scenery, food, and more.

At one point, the Minute To Win It host joked that he and Jessy should move to Okinawa and just find jobs there. When Jessy asked him what kind of work he would take, he said it would be related to diving.

Luis opened up about his love for water and said that he has been diving for 15 years now. Jessy has also started diving ever since they have been in a relationship and she agreed with Luis that “there’s more beauty underneath” the sea and the Philippine beaches and oceans are so beautiful that people should just take proper care of it.

Jessy’s elder sister Pam is a mom to baby Jasmine and whenever Jessy carries the baby, Luis would tease her that she’s already ready to become a mom too and Jasmine would eventually have a “playmate” soon.

“Ready na si tita. Oli (the baby) call us in 9 months we’ll have a surprise for you,” he said while recording the video.

While walking around a pineapple farm, Pam and her husband were walking ahead of them and Jessy asked if Luis could already see his future.

“Yup, yun na yun. In two months, dala ko yung baby bag, dala mo si Emma (their future baby), that’s basically it,” he said.

Luis put it on record and asked Jessy if she’s already ready to become a mom and she candidly answered, “I am ready with you. I’m always ready with you. As long as it’s with you.”

Luis repeatedly teased her about being a mom to their future children and Jessy would just smile at him. Aside from their sweet trip together, they also showed how they usually pack their luggages.