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Edu Manzano “no regrets” on being a breadwinner at an early age

Actor and politician Edu Manzano revealed that he had to step up as the head of the family when his father, Adrian Manzano, began to fall ill.


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1/18/2019 1:46 PM
Edu Manzano “no regrets” on being a breadwinner at an early age

Photo credit: @realedumanzano on IG (R)

Actor and politician Edu Manzano doesn’t have any regrets acting as the breadwinner of his family at an early age.

Prior to this, the seasoned star – who hails from California – shared that he, together with his twin brothers Mari and Ricky, were tasked by their father Adrian Manzano to join the military after just having gotten out of high school in the United States.

“At first, hindi namin maintindihan. We just came out of high school. Ang saya-saya ng buhay namin,” he said through an Instagram post last Thursday.


As part of the U.S. Air Force, Edu, at the young age of 17, served for four years during the Vietnam War era. A few more years had passed when things took a sudden turn with the news of their father’s worrying health condition.

Being the eldest among three sons, this called for Edu’s return to the Philippines.

 “As an Illonggo, the eldest son has to be the breadwinner, and that’s me. My sister, Gigi, is the eldest, but my father treated her like a princess. I came home and helped out with family,” he said.

But more than anything, it was his love for the old man that Edu willingly turned his back on the military life to assume his role as head of the family. Even now without him around, the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor has nothing but good words to say whenever he speaks of his late father.

“Wanting to help people was because of my dad. He used to ran a residential treatment and educational center for orphans and children in conflict with the law. Me and my siblings witnessed all that because we had to help feed all these kids everyday. He never made any money because everything that he had, he gave away. That was my father,” he wrote in a separate post on June 11, in time of his father’s birthday.