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Kris Aquino to Nicko Falcis: ‘Nagnakaw ka. Give me a break’



1/16/2019 10:24 AM
Kris Aquino to Nicko Falcis: ‘Nagnakaw ka. Give me a break’

Photo credit: @nix72 on IG/ Kris Aquino FB

After Kris Aquino’s former business partner Nicko Falcis revealed more details about what has happened about their fallout, she addressed the issue through Facebook Live and pointed out that Nicko and his family are just being “pawns” and that people with “big political powers” are backing them up.

In the clip, she read her message for her eldest sister Maria Elena “Ballsy” Aquino, apologizing for “inflicting pain” since the latter is being dragged into the issue. She stressed that she has to face this alone since she is the one involved and her sisters are living a private life unlike her and brother Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III who “signed up” for a public life.

Kris was trying not to mention Nicko’s name but she addressed him and said, “You’re not going to kill me. Someone more important deserves that privilege.”

She explained that she asked for an “accounting for the P40 million until now none has been made.

“Ayaw ibigay sa akin. Yun lang naman ang hinigi ng lawyers ko, ibigay sa akin yung transfer para mailagay sa pangalan nung mga bata. Ganoon ka-selfish, pera ko ‘yun, perang pinaghirapan, tax-paid ayaw ibigay,” she said.

She explained to the public that she did not file for charges for the mishandled P40 million because “kung alam niyo ang legalities, hindi niyo nilalagay sa kaso dahil you want to recover that money.

“It’s now January 2019. He waited 110 days. Kung grave threats talaga ’yon, the very next day, sana kinasuhan mo na ako,” she said.

She recalled her phone call with Nicko and she apologized for using the wrong words when she got upset.

“Nagkamali ako sa simula, and inaamin ko ‘yon, and I apologize. Nagkamali ako dahil sa tindi ng galit ko, dahil noong panahon na ‘yon—I’ll put everything into context—my son was breaking down, because he knew kung gaano ka-serious ang autoimmune disease. He knew also kung gaano katindi ang allergies ng nanay niya, that’s why we came here (Singapore) para malaman natin kung may chance ba para malabanan pa. If you see your 11-year-old son breaking down, hindi ka ba magagalit?”

Kris revealed that Nicko gave her a check, which “acknowledged” that he mismanaged the company funds.

“Nagnakaw ka. Give me a break,” she said.

She then explained that she’s blaming her current condition on him because “buhay ko ang kinuha niya.

“You stole my money it’s not enough for you. You also stole my life and now you’re stealing me from my children,” she said.

She couldn’t feel sympathy for him because “ang ninakawan ay isang special child who will never be able to earn a living for himself at ang ninakawan isang 11 years old (referring to her sons Josh and Bimby).

“Why am I blaming it on him? Because six months prior to that, I was OK. Do the research. Autoimmune can stay dormant, but any stressful situation, lalabas ‘yan. Kahit sinong doktor, sasabihin ‘yan. Kung galit ako, karapatan ko ‘yon, kasi buhay ko ang kinuha niya,” she said.

At the end, Kris said she is still looking at the brighter side and thanked all of her true friends and supporters who reached out to her.

“I want to say thank you again. At the very worst, when you only heard their side, you still believed in me. I apologize that I let anger get the better of me,” she said.

“But it’s not going to happen again. Kasi now I know, hindi na sa phone, diretso na,” she quipped.