Kris Aquino namakyaw ng ‘Care Bears’ sa Singapore

Kris Aquino, nag-kuwento tungkol sa kanyang pagkabata.


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1/15/2019 9:51 AM
Kris Aquino namakyaw ng ‘Care Bears’ sa Singapore

Photo credit: @krisaquino on IG

Habang nasa Singapore at bago sumasailalim sa ilang medical tests ay na-surprise si Kris Aquino ng regalong pink na bear sa kanya ng bunsong anak na si Bimby.

Habang naka-confine sa Farrer Park Hospital ay binantayan din ni Bimby ang ina at mas ginustong sa hospital na lang ito matulog kesa sa hotel kung saan sila naka-check-in.

Masayang post ni Kris while in Singapore, “Bimb surprised me with the pink Love-a-Lot Bear before my procedures... I asked if the store had more? They got me all available ones this afternoon because for me ‘CARE BEARS’ isn’t just a useful pa cute phrase.

“I hope I’m remembering accurately... I believe 1983 was when I got my 1st Care Bear -- I’m sure it was the peach one, googled now to be sure there was an original peach colored Care Bear, yes it was the one with 2 flowers on the tummy, FRIEND BEAR.”

Bilang bata ay naalala din ni Kris na hindi siya naglalaro ng dolls noon kundi baril-barilan.

“I think I’d mentioned it before, I didn’t play with dolls as a younger kid. I liked guns (the noisy wooden ones & the ones that would light up like Christmas lights -- because this was the peak of the original Charlie’s Angels TV series).

“I played with my doctor’s kit that came in a wheeled operating room tray; then the easy bake oven; speak & spell (made famous in E.T.); a teacher’s blackboard with student’s desks; and a cash register that printed receipts for my ‘supermarket’ & ‘restaurant’; and every imaginable type of microphone.

“It was only in the 🇺🇸 that I finally had a Cabbage Patch Doll, Strawberry Shortcake, the Smurfs, and a Care Bear. Let’s reminisce about stickers & Lisa Frank another time.

“We all deserve more of what makes us HAPPY regardless of where we are in life. So here’s wishing all of you a generous supply of smiles & good cheer.#lovelovelove” huling bahagi ng kanyang post.

Samantala, next week pa babalik ng Pilipinas si Kris at Bimby.