LOOK: Clint Bondad's gorgeous sister is a scientist

Clint Bondad explains why he rarely posts photos of his sister.



1/13/2019 12:11 PM
LOOK: Clint Bondad's gorgeous sister is a scientist

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Aside from his girlfriend Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Clint Bondad is proud of the another gorgeous woman in his life: his scientist sister.

In a congratulatory Instagram post last January 11, Clint proudly shared his sister’s ID photo. "Congratulations to my sister for FINALLY getting her driver's license!!!!"

In the caption, Clint also explained that he couldn’t give more information about his sister because of her profession that of a scientist. "Haha! You guys know I have been very secretive about my sis over the years since she isn't involved in show business and all of that... Plus I don't want to compromise her own work as a scientist too much. But (brother, Kirk Bondad) and I just had to LOOOOL and share her so-called ‘casual’ ID pic!!!

"Actually ironic, growing up I wanted to become a scientist and you wanted to become an actress. Turned out you are the actual nerd and I am the drama queen," he added in the caption.


Is this a gang sign? 🤷

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Andre Paras reacted to the post and said he thought that brothers Clint and Kirk were just using an app to make female versions of their own photos.

Paras also seemed to be interested in knowing more about Clint’s sister and asked if he could be introduced to her. However, Clint and Kirk said that their sister already had a boyfriend. 

"Hahahahaha no! And behave! She is already taken. Her boyfriend has tattoos so maybe start there," Clint said to Andre.

Netizens couldn’t help but admire Clint’s sister with some saying she could even pass offas his twin. Others suggested she could also be a model, or even join a pageant like Catriona Gray.

Clint clarified that his sister, who considered joining showbiz in the past, is currently busy in her own profession. "She already has projects that she is busy with, and she doesn't like high heels because she ends up being a giant. She was considering it (showbiz) years ago, but it can be too time demanding," Clint replied.