Derek Ramsay reveals plans to become a professional golfer

Derek Ramsay shares why he might have to put his sports plans on hold this year.


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1/13/2019 11:35 AM
Derek Ramsay reveals plans to become a professional golfer

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Although he has yet to officially announce his plans for 2019, Derek Ramsay looks like he’s preparing to go back on television very soon. Derek also revealed that showbiz almost took a backseat when he planned to become a professional golfer this year. “I was really focused to go pro in golf. I really wanted to give that a go but plans changed. Another blessing was given to me and I’m really excited about what’s going to happen in 2019. I can’t answer just yet but soon you’ll see me on TV,” he said during the Dunkin Donuts DD Bars presscon held last January 10 in Makati City.
Despite the delay in his goals for golf, Derek said he is not giving up on it just yet. “It’s still there. I’m not going to give up on that dream but there are some things that are happening in 2019 that have derailed that plan. But I’m definitely going to go after that dream,” he said.
In 2017, Derek and fellow actor John Estrada represented the country and won the Jack Nicklaus International Invitational in Ohio, USA, beating a field of two-man teams composed of recreational players coming from different parts of the world. The most unforgettable moment for Derek was being awarded personally by international golf icon Jack Nicklaus and getting the chance to talk to him.