Tyra Banks: 'Can't stop thinking about that LavaWalk'

Catriona Gray hopes to walk with supermodel Tyra Banks on the runway.


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1/12/2019 11:06 AM
Tyra Banks: 'Can't stop thinking about that LavaWalk'

Photo credit to: @tyrabanks IG & Getty Images - Gotham

It seems that Tyra Banks could not get enough of Miss Universe Catriona Gray's "lava walk." On Friday, January 12, the supermodel mentioned Catriona's famous runway walk on her Twitter account.

"Can't stop thinking about that #LavaWalk," Tyra posted. 

Her tweet gained instant reaction from Catriona herself. The Miss Universe gushed about the model's tweet and said that it would be a dream to walk with Tyra. Pinoy pageant enthusiasts were also quick to react to Tyra's post and thanked her for the compliment. 

It was in December when Tyra first tweeted about Catriona after the beauty queen's "slow-mo" twirl during the swimsuit competition went viral on social media Tyra Banks reacts to Catriona Gray's trending 'slow motion' walk.  Also, just after Catriona was crowned Miss Universe, Tyra tweeted, "And OMG back at you!  You did it!  And that walk and confidence? I mean... Next level fierce!!! TyTy approves"  Tyra Banks approves of Catriona Gray’s Miss universe 2018 win