Pia Wurtzbach opens new training studio for aspiring beauty queens

Pia Wurtzbach talks excitedly about her newest venture.

Pia Wurtzbach opens new training studio for aspiring beauty queens-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/29/2018 08:57 AM
Pia Wurtzbach opens new training studio for aspiring beauty queens


After an extended well-deserved vacation in the US, Pia Wurtzbach returned to the country to finally open Empire Studio Philippines as one of the shareholders along with her longtime mentor and manager Jonas Gaffud. "What I really like about this idea is that I felt that it was a natural progression from where we see Mercator today. It really grew to be a modeling agency that's well respected and they were able to produce a lot of really notable artists and celebrities. And I feel like the natural progression is to start training and to share it not just to actors, to models, to beauty queens, but also for anyone who just wants to try it out. So this is the place to do that,” she shared at the Empire Studios ribbon-cutting ceremony held last September 27 in Taguig City.

The popular beauty queen explained that the new training space not just focuses on beauty and fashion, but will also offer classes on acting, speech, modeling and pageant coaching, grooming and dance classes. "If you want to improve yourself, this is the place to do that. So if you want to improve yourself, if you want to try modeling, if you want to get better at dancing, if you want to become a beauty queen, if you want to train here, if you want to do a photo shoot here for yourself or for whatever reason, this is a place or space for everyone for their creative process," she shared.

Fans of the beloved Miss Universe 2015 winner who aspire to join pageants will also get the chance to learn from their idol up close in some of the classes. "We've talked about that already. Definitely I will have some participation and some of the workshops here, we're going to announce which workshops specifically I'll be a part of. Definitely there's going to be a makeup class in there somewhere and maybe a little pep talk for anybody who wants to join a beauty pageant. So mga ganun. I'll know naman what's going on around the studios," she said.