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Paul Soriano calls Edward Barber 'brave', says he's the 'next big thing'

Paul Soriano commended Edward for keeping up with his veteran co-actors.



9/25/2018 12:23 PM
Paul Soriano calls Edward Barber 'brave', says he's the 'next big thing'


Gearing up for the theatrical release of his upcoming romantic drama film "First Love" next month, Direk Paul Soriano caught up with the press where he shared all about his latest masterpiece - including his thoughts about Edward Barber. 
"Edward Barber? This kid is definitely gonna be the next big something. He takes his craft very seriously. He's got all the makings to become a best actor. He was very attentive. What I like about him is when I talk, when I would talk, he was listening. But at the same time, he was also collaborating. He was also giving me his thoughts. And for a young actor,  that's quite brave. Because usually 'yung mga young actors today, they just listen. And with Edward, hindi ganun, eh. He's very collaborative," Paul said. 
He also commended Edward for having been able to keep up with his co-actors who happen to be veterans in the industry, calling him the “biggest revelation" in the film.
"I think challenged din siya kasi he has scenes with Aga Muhlach. Actually, he has a lot of scenes with Aga Muhlach. You can see also that he was nervous but he was using that as motivation to also parang okay, okay 'You're Aga Muhlach pero when the camera's rolling, I'm Simon and you're Nick.’ Ganun. Galing lang niya. He did very well," Paul stated.
"Actually, the biggest revelation for me was Edward Barber 'cause to be honest with you, he hasn't done much. He did a film and some TV works so my expectations were 'Okay I'm gonna help him' pero wala eh, parang okay na siya eh, konting upo na lang. And to be able to match Aga Muhlach, to be able to carry a scene with Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo, parang he's been doing it for many years eh," he added. 
Having been impressed with Barber's acting chops, he said he hopes to work again with the teen sensation sometime in the future. 
“So the kid's got a great future and hopefully, I can work with him in a bigger role. He does play a support here, but it's a very significant supporting role.  It's not to be missed. He's one of the young actors that you definitely must watch out for in this film. He definitely shines at playing Simon,” he remarked.