Jenine Desiderio at Janella Salvador, nagkabati na

Janella Salvador has already patched things up with her mother Jenine Desiderio.



9/25/2018 2:04 PM
Jenine Desiderio at Janella Salvador, nagkabati na

Photo credit: Jenine Desiderio's FB


After their much-publicized misunderstanding, Jenine Desiderio just received the best birthday gift – and that was patching things up with her daughter Janella Salvador. 

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"A very happy birthday to me! The best birthday gift I received is having my daughter back, Dun pa lang quota na ko. But God is so generous that he also restored some friendships I lost in the recent years," Jenine wrote on her Facebook page.

Janella reportedly moved out of her mom’s house for a while but are now reunited and happily celebrated Jenine’s birthday.