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Rannie and Lance Raymundo share the secret to their close bond: ‘Kami yung magkapatid na never nag-away’

Rannie and Lance Raymundo talk about growing up together and how they dealt with Lance’s accident.


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9/23/2018 11:17 AM
Rannie and Lance Raymundo share the secret to their close bond: ‘Kami yung magkapatid na never nag-away’


During the recent press viewing party of his latest single “#YATO” or “You Are the One”, singer-actor Lance Raymundo said he has always been one of his older brother Rannie’s biggest fans. Rannie is best known for his monster hit song “Why Can’t It Be.” “The way I look up to Rannie as a musician, I think he also looks up to me as an actor naman. So talagang we complement each other in our talents. I’ve actually seen kuya act also and I was so surprised because he’s great. Nagugulat din siya siguro na when I made music maganda rin pala so that’s how we surprised each other. But then kuya is the singer in the family. Ako yung artista. So I’m kind of visiting his domain now by releasing ‘You Are the One’ again,” he shared.

Rannie said that unlike other brothers, he and Lance have always gotten along well growing up. “Weirdo na nga kami eh. Kami yung magkapatid na never nag-away. We are sobrang yin and yang. We are so different and that makes us so much the same. It’s weird. Merong mga bagay na sa buong mundo isang milyong tao, merong isang bagay na kaming dalawa lang ang matatawa. Tawang tawa kami, kayo magtataka kayo kung anong nakakatawa dun,” he said.

The Viva Records artist said it is uncanny how in sync he and his brother are. “We’ve always been close. Never kami nag-away. In fact sometimes we’re so connected na pati yung galaw namin sabay na sabay. One time napaupo kami sabay yung dekuwatro, sabay yung bukas ng diyaryo. Parehong napatingin kami, ‘Did you see that?’ Parang ganun (laughs),” he added.

After Lance’s accident at the gym which had him undergo major facial reconstruction in 2014, Rannie said he is still affected by what happened until now. “It was the worst time of his life. Just a month ago, I woke up in the middle of the night dahil nag-flashback sa akin. Tumayo ako nagkape ako at lumabas ako sa balconahe. Nakakabit pa rin sa akin because you know you are a protective kuya pero wala kang magawa. Dun ko na-experience yung hindi literal pero dun ko na-experience yung tunay na sakit. Hindi mo maagaw yung sakit. Hindi ko makuha. Pero yung healing niya was phenomenal. Almost Wolverine-like kasi naalala ko nung tinanggal yung stitch, napamura yung doktor eh. Nawala na yung scar niya. Me also, pag nasugatan ako na malaking hiwa, the next day it’s just a line tapos by the third or fourth day wala na. Bala Wolverine kami (laughs),” he said.

The younger Raymundo said he knows his family went through a very challenging time watching him recover. “I know for a fact that my family suffered more than I did during that ordeal. Mine is only physical pain. Sa kanila it’s emotional torture seeing someone you love in pain. That’s harder,” he said. 

Lance said his kuya Rannie heavily influenced his taste in music growing up. “I’d say na medyo malaki talaga influence niya (laughs). Very big. In fact I have an idol and naging idolo ko siya because of my brother. I idolize Prince the musician. I only discovered Prince because my brother kind of forced him onto me when I was a kid so when I grew up naging idol ko (laughs). So I admit na talagang giant yung influence ni kuya sa akin and I’m proud of it,” Lance shared.

With the re-release of #YATO, Lance also shared his thoughts if there was any pressure to follow the success of his brother’s hit song “Why Cant it Be”. “The first time around, yes. Yung unang labas ng You Are the One na mas bata ako, I would honestly say na merong pressure. Pero now that we’re mature, we’re older, it’s all about enoying the gift eh. Kaya mas kalmado ako ngayon,” he said.