Will Rhap Salazar join ‘X Factor UK’?

Rhap Salazar reveals in a vlog that he is set to appear on a TV show in the UK.



9/18/2018 10:27 AM
Will Rhap Salazar join ‘X Factor UK’?

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Rhap Salazar, who is currently in the UK, kept his fans guessing after he shared a photo of himself backstage of X Factor UK and described himself as his doppelganger. 

"So my doppelganger appeared on the X Factor backstage today," he wrote, adding a thinking emoji.


His fans, who knew he was in London, easily recognized him as the as the man in the photo. 

Just last month, Rhap Salazar posted a vlog and answered questions from his fans, revealing the reason why he is currently in London. Apparently, he is set to appear on a TV show in the UK.

Rhap decided not to the name the show where he is slated to make an appearance. However, he mentioned that the said show is expected to air sometime in September.

Apart from hinting at his X Factor appearance, Rhap also mentioned in his vlog that he decided to audition for some Western TV shows.


Over a week ago, Rhap caught people’s attention after he busked in a subway station in London, performing Sam Smith's "Stay With Me."

Apart from the former Little Big Stars Champion, two other Pinoys namely Maria Laroco and Sephy Francisco also joined this season's competition of X Factor UK.