Former PBB housemate Cora Waddell is pregnant

Cora Waddell announced via YouTube that she is pregnant. The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate got married this year.


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9/17/2018 4:30 PM
Former PBB housemate Cora Waddell is pregnant


Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Cora Waddell made her fans abuzz after revealing that she is pregnant. Cora made the announcement about her pregnancy via a YouTube vlog on her channel titled "Babies on the brain! Are the pregnancy rumors true!?" on Sunday, September 16, alongside her husband Terence Lloyd.


The couple shared that Cora had an ultrasound and the result was positive, confirming that she will soon become a mother. They are yet to know the gender of their child in the succeeding months.


"Everyone's excited, it's the first grand baby. It's the first great grand baby," Cora said. Also, the vlogger-model shared that her husband is leaving for Australia and that they will be living apart at the moment because Terrence will be managing his business there.


"Terrence is going to Australia for a while, he has his business over there. But I will still be here, I will probably be vlogging even more because I gotta fill up my time here, being pregnant and crazy. And we will meet back up when my belly is really big and make some more plans," Cora stated. The vlogger admitted that she is going to miss her husband.





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On Instagram, Terrence expressed his elation about Cora being pregnant. “I am very excited for this chapter of my life. As a loving husband and as a proud father,” Terrence wrote.



Cora married Terrence in a civil ceremony in Australia (READ: Former PBB housemate Cora Waddell is now married). She made the revelation about her wedding on YouTube last August via a vlog entry called "Happy Endings."


Prior to joining “Pinoy Big Brother,” Cora was a professional model. The half-American stunner last appeared on the primetime show “Bagani” as the fairy Liwliwa. Her character bestowed the power to control earth to Dumakulem (Makisig Morales).