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Lance Raymundo returns to music after his accident: ‘Hindi ko alam kung mabubuo yung mukha ko’

Lance Raymundo returns to the limelight with the release of his latest Viva Records single.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/16/2018 09:55 AM
Lance Raymundo returns to music after his accident: ‘Hindi ko alam kung mabubuo yung mukha ko’


More than four years after he suffered from a major accident while working out at the gym, Lance Raymundo is back with the re-release of his single #YATO or “You Are the One.” “You know when you disappear it’s hard to get back in showbiz? Kaya yun yung pinakaregalo sa akin ng pagkakataon na after all these years Viva opened their doors to me again and embraced me again as an artist. The first time ‘You Are the One’ came out it was a minor hit. Pero Viva believes that it deserves a second chance to the people kaya we remade it, rearranged it, and reincarnated it as #YATO,” he shares during the #YATO press preview and listening party held at the Black Maria Cinema in Mandaluyong City last September 13.


Lance said that his single was born out of a real-life inspiration from a past relationship. “This song came together out of real love. Kasi nga I wrote this song when I had someone who I considered to be the one in my life and this song came about pagkahatid ko sa kanya sa bahay niya. I was driving back from Parañaque back to Greenhills and during nung time na pauwi na ako dumating yung song ng buong buo. Ni hindi ko inisip yung lyrics basta it’s like I was listening to the radio in my brain and I heard a complete song. So it was that spontaneous. So pagkadating ko sa bahay ni-record ko na agad siya para hindi ko makalimutan,” he recalled.


The #YATO music video which stars Lance and actress Janna Victoria showed the story of a couple who went through the same kind of tragedy that Lance experienced at the gym except that in real-life, Lance was single when it happened and his face required major reconstructive surgery. “After the accident I realized what my actual worth in this world is because during the accident I was faced with the prospect na hindi naman makakabalik na ako sa dati, the doctor never gave us assurance if I could walk again. Hindi ko alam kung mabubuo yung mukha ko. But then because I grew up around love and maganda rin yung upbringing sa akin ng magulang ko, na nung sira yung mukha ko and I was wheelchair-bound, I realized na hindi naman nabawasan yung pagkatao ko. I’m still Lance. I’m still 100%. So it made me value the inner more kasi nakita ko na kung sakali I spent the rest of my life wheelchair-bound na in society considered ugly siguro, if buo yung pagkatao ko then how can that hamper me from realizing my dreams in this life di ba? So everything outside is just a bonus for me,” he explained.


The talented actor and singer said his road to recovery was also remarkable even to his doctors. “It was faster than everybody expected. I would like to acknowledge the fact na wala akong bisyo. So my body was equipped for these things. So it helps. I’d like to be a good influence for young people. May puhunan akong good health so nung kinailangan ng katawan ko to combat things, I’m lucky I’m healthy. So that’s a good thing. I work out and of course, it helps din na you’re positive. So it didn’t hamper me emotionally. Working with the doctors and having therapy, naging mabilis siya. So I was out of the hospital in 13 days and I was back in action in less than six months,” he said.


Even though the accident happened at the gym, Lance said he has chosen not to blame anyone for what happened nor allow himself to be traumatized by the experience. “Wala. Zero. As in wala talaga. I do the same exercise. I’m brave like that,” he added.


Lance Raymundo's single "You Are the One" or #YATO is released under Viva Records and is also available on Spotify and iTunes.