LOOK: Edward Barber gives roses to someone 'strange'



09/15/2018 10:40 AM
LOOK: Edward Barber gives roses to someone 'strange'


Edward Barber had his followers on Instagram super kilig after he uploads a photo of his ka-love team Maymay Entrata holding a bouquet of red roses. 

In his caption, Edward emphasized that Maymay is someone extraordinary. 

"Why choose the normal when you can choose the strange? No one normal ever did anything extraordinary. Find the white rose amongst the red and let your life receive color," he said in his post. 



A few months ago, teen actor revealed that he and Maymay are not just friends because she is one of the most influential persons in his life. 

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The former Pinoy Big Brother housemates are set to have their own teleserye soon.