Isabel Oli-Prats: “Feather is really a Daddy’s girl.”

Isabel Oli-Prats: “Feather is really a Daddy’s girl.”-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


08/09/2018 10:56 AM
Isabel Oli-Prats: “Feather is really a Daddy’s girl.”
Photo credit: @isabeloliprats on IG


Isabel Oli-Prats said she is grateful to husband John Prats who chooses to be a hands-on father to their eldest, Lilly Feather. “Even when my husband comes home very late, he still takes care of the baby,” she shared. Despite his busy schedule, John would eagerly take his turn taking care of Feather. “Effortless sa kanya. When he’s there, automatic si Feather sa kanya. Daddy’s girl kasi!

Case in point: the morning of the store opening of Combi Philippines, John came home at 4 a.m. “But he changed the diapers of the baby pa, kahit dapat ako.” The result? Mommy Isabel got that extra sleep she needed, and looked fresh and radiant during the event.

Isabel listened intently to all the interesting features of the baby-centered products the Japanese brand had to offer. #CombiPH is “committed to developing innovative products and becoming that extra pair of helping hands, supporting all baby-caregivers, so that they can enjoy quality time with the children.”

She admitted that the one of her biggest concerns is her children’s health. “’Yung fear, number one ‘yung getting sick ng baby.” Isabel shared how hard she cried the first time Feather got sick and kept throwing up. She admitted that the worry never really disappears, but she is more level-headed now. “Grabe talaga ‘yung iyak ko noon. But later on, ah ganito lang pala talaga sila minsan.” 

Some warn against the “terrible twos” stage, but Isabel has seen none of that in Feather. “It’s so easy being a mom to Feather,” she said. “She’s an obedient girl. Sobrang easy to discipline her. She’s really behaved, lalo na kay John. Sweet girl!”