REVIEW: ‘Eto na! Musikal nAPO!’ is a nostalgic trip to love, friendship, music, and laughter

Ann Manhit


08/07/2018 11:07 AM
REVIEW: ‘Eto na! Musikal nAPO!’ is a nostalgic trip to love, friendship, music, and laughter


There was a time when party lines existed, when EDSA was known as Highway 54, when Magnolia Ice Cream House was the place to be, and fashion trends were set by Budji Wara and Yeye Vonnel. It was an era of simple joys, even with the political undercurrent of Martial Law in the background.

It is during this time period that Eto na! Musikal nAPO! was set. The musical begins with an instrumental medley of APO’s timeless tunes that urge the audience to join a nostalgic road trip. For those who grew up to APO’s music, this musical promises to be a welcome trip down memory lane. Favorites like “Blue Jeans”, “Doo Bidoo Bidoo”, and “Panalangin” will definitely have everyone singing along. The dialogue, sprinkled with dated references to the not-so-distant past, is sure to draw laughs even from those who haven’t lived through it. Even millennials who probably can’t think of a time before LaBoracay was a thing, the universal story of friendship, laughter, love, and music will still strike a familiar memory.

The story revolves around a college barkada and their struggle to come up with an original song. Mark Bautista, Jobim Javier, and Alfritz Blanche pair up with Rita Daniela, Sab Jose, and Marika Sasaki in their own sweet love stories. Jon Philippe Go’s character, the group’s “future doctor”, challenges the group to make their voice heard in their own way. The remaining trio of Jef Flores, Jon Abella, and Vyen Villanueva echo the IRL story of Danny Javier, Jim Paredes, and Boboy Garovillo – the remaining three members of the APO Hiking Society. All in all, it’s a story of growing pains, familial relationships, and the power of music.

This original musical is made possible by Globe Live and 9Works Theatrical. Catch Eto na! Musikal nAPO! at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater from August 3 to 26, 2018. Tickets sell at Php 1,500 (Zone D), Php 2,200 (Zone C), Php 3,000 (Zone B), and Php 3,500 (Zone A) and may be purchased from Ticketword at 891-9999.