LOOK: Enchong Dee stung by jellyfish

LOOK: Enchong Dee stung by jellyfish-PUSH TEAM

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08/07/2018 11:34 AM
LOOK: Enchong Dee stung by jellyfish
Photo credit: @mr_enchongdee on IG


Enchong Dee asked for suggestions on his Instagram story on how to remove jellyfish sting marks which he got while swimming.

So apparently jellyfish partied inside my TriSuit yesterday. As a result… (shows the marks) Any suggestions how I can get rid of all the marks ASAP?” he wrote.

Photo credit: @mr_enchongdee on Instagram

Enchong is currently in Cebu where he even taught kids how to swim. Aside from being an actor, dancer and a singer, Enchong is known as an athlete and a professional swimmer.