Xian Gaza proud sa kanyang bagong girlfriend

Sinabi ni Xian Gaza na mahal niya ang girlfriend kahit ano pa man ang nakaraan nito.



8/29/2018 4:41 PM
Xian Gaza proud sa kanyang bagong girlfriend

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza's FB Page


Xian Gaza shared that he has been receiving negative comments about his girlfriend lately. The online personality defended his girlfriend from critics and remarked that he does not care about her past.

"Idgaf (I don't give a f**k) kung dati siyang [email protected] Idgaf kung dati siyang esc0rt. Idgaf kung meron siya naging mga sponsors. Idgaf whether totoo lahat ng ito or pawang gawa-gawa lamang [sic]," he posted on Facebook.

Xian remarked that he does love his girlfriend beyond her imperfections. "I love her as a whole including all her flaws & imperfections. I love her entirety including her past whether it's positive or negative. I love her from head to toe including her unico hijo. I fell in love with her character sa kung sino siya, hindi sa kung ano siya. So whatever she is in the past, that's on her and who is Xian Gaza to judge?," he stated.

He added, "My focus is the gift of today, that we're together that's why it's called "present." I will love her and take care of her towards the best version of herself in the future."

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Xian became known in the online world after he asked actress Erich Gonzalez for a coffee date via a billboard. Recently he was tagged as a 'scammer' and found guilty of violating the Bouncing Check Law and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He has since appealed his case in court and posted bail amounting to P126,000.