WATCH: Tony Labrusca's sweet birthday surprise for his mom Angel Jones

Rhea Manila Santos

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08/28/2018 10:08 AM
WATCH: Tony Labrusca's sweet birthday surprise for his mom Angel Jones
Photo credit to: @tony.labrusca IG (L)


For his mom's 40th birthday this month, Tony Labrusca made sure she would get one of the best celebrations of her life by staging an elaborate party held at the Henry hotel in Pasay. "He scoured around looking for a place and asked all his friends for the perfect spot. It was secluded and romantic spot that has a courtyard to decorate. I actually thought it was a surprise proposal!" Angels told PUSH during ABS-CBN Lifestyle's Fitness month launch held last August 24 in Makati City.

The sexy and fit celebrity mom said her eldest son has always been generous when it comes to spoiling her with gifts on her birthday. "He’s surprised me before with extravagant gifts when he started making money through showbiz which is another super funny video of me screaming, jumping around when I found the LV bag and wallet he bought me for my birthday last year. But [this] is the first surprise birthday party he’s thrown for me," she admits.

After coming back to the Philippines a few years ago, Angel said her bond with her son has definitely gotten stronger. "To be honest this is the closest we’ve ever become. After working on myself as a person and both of us being here and helping each other rise has really bonded us closer than we could have imagined," she shared.

Watch Tony's birthday surprise for Angel in the video below.