9 Things you didn’t know about Heart Evangelista

9 Things you didn’t know about Heart Evangelista-PUSH TEAM

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08/28/2018 09:15 AM
9 Things you didn’t know about Heart Evangelista


Apart from being dubbed by Harper’s Bazaar as “a real crazy rich Asian,” it looks like Heart Evangelista-Escudero still has some surprises for her followers as she recently revealed in her Instagram Stories some new trivia about her personal and professional life.

1. She loves eating her dad’s homemade bagoong with green mangoes. The Ongpauco family owns the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants.

2. Being grateful is her key to happiness. Heart said that she has always been a happy kid at heart.

3. She wears a 4 1/2 ring size

4. Plans for her own clothing line are already in the works.

5. She wears her wedding band with dad’s gift to her.

6. Her best fashion and beauty advice is to be true to yourself.

7. She has experimented with dyeing her hair to almost blonde. 

8. Heart will also try getting into vlogging soon.

9. A typical day for Heart includes numerous business meetings.