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Kris Aquino rebuffs 'Crazy Rich Asian' title

The actress said she was working independently since she was 15 years old.



08/25/2018 03:03 PM
Kris Aquino rebuffs 'Crazy Rich Asian' title
Photo credits: @pochoy_29 IG


Kris Aquino reacted to a post of tax expert Mon Abrea who tagged her as one of the "crazy rich Asians" of the continent and expressed admiration for the actress as a top taxpayer.

In response to the post, Kris wrote, "Thank you... a friend sent me your post. Just to be prudent- I religiously pay my taxes-because it is part of my Catholic, bible based fath. My mom legally emancipated me when i was 15 so what I earned wouldn’t be reflected on her, I've handled college tuition & allowance from college onwardsince. PS. I also know wealth is relative- but i’m at a very far distance from being "crazy rich." I always remind my sons- I was the daughter of a Cojuangco but their lolo was adamant about raising his children to become financially independent & our mom taught us the VALUES of consistent hard work, and being generous about sharing blessings [sic]."

Kris added that though she is fond of purchasing shoes and bags, among other material things, she invests her money wisely. 

"My sisters & brother are low maintenance- I work as hard as i do because of my sons & because we love travel. But let’s be honest- I have a weakness for nice clothes, makeup, shoes & watches- so I make sure to have an investment fund for our expansion... The 2 boys & 1, I together w/ our longtime complete staff now have very good medical coverage; and this is my life truth- what you work hard for- you appeciate & devote utmost professionalism to... You have my solemn work- I have worked for more than 30 years, and no way will I ever became a (corrupt, lazy, money grabbing Asian) if & when politics is part of my dest(iny)," she remarked.

Kris Aquino has a cameo role in the blockbuster Hollywood movie "Crazy Rich Asians," playing the role of a Malaysian princess named Intan. 

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