Why Kaye Abad didn’t make it to Nikki Valdez’s wedding

Apparently, the recent NAIA fiasco prevented her from attending the wedding of her ‘hani.’



8/21/2018 7:45 PM
Why Kaye Abad didn’t make it to Nikki Valdez’s wedding

Photo credit: @nikkivaldez_ on IG


Over the weekend, Nikki Valdez and her now husband Luis Garcia tied the knot in Hong Kong. While many of her friends were present during the celebration, one of her closest in the industry - Kaye Abad - wasn’t able to come due to the problem caused by the recent runway fiasco at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

Dismissing speculations as to why her best friend wasn’t able to come to her wedding, Nikki Valdez revealed that the two of them got the chance to catch up on each other before she officially walked the aisle over the phone.  

One of my most treasured moments before leaving for our wedding ceremony was a video call from my hani. We laughed and cried together virtually. A lot of you have been asking if she was invited to our wedding and the answer is of course she couldn’t miss it for the world BUT there were unforeseen events over the weekend that we could not control. I love you so much hani ko,” she said.  

Kaye Abad and Paul Jake waited at the aiport for ten hours.  

She was at the airport with Paul Jake for 10hrs or more trying to make it to their flight but to no avail. I want you both to know that Luis and I appreciate all the effort,” she stated.  

Nikki Valdez got engaged to her husband last December.