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EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta on Kathryn Bernardo: ‘She deserves her success’

Sharon Cuneta shares behind-the-scenes details of her 30th anniversary project with Richard Gomez.


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8/19/2018 12:01 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta on Kathryn Bernardo: ‘She deserves her success’


After being hailed as an entertainment icon and given the History Maker award during the recent Historycon event, Sharon Cuneta said she is happy and looking forward to starting work on her upcoming Star Cinema project with Richard Gomez and Kathryn Bernardo. “Of course with Richard no question anytime but when they mentioned Kathryn, right away I said, ‘Of course I’d love to work with her,’” she told PUSH.

Even though she and Kathryn both started acting early in showbiz, the Megastar said there should not be any comparison. “I can’t see myself so much even in my own children, I always see them as individuals who are special in their own right. And I think Kathryn has her own very special place in showbiz because she has her own wonderful talents and she’s very pretty. I’m excited and to me, what’s most important is the people in Star Cinema have said to me, people that I spoke with at different times, that she’s such a good worker and she’s very mabait! That’s very important to me because at this stage in my life I wouldn’t want to waste time working with someone who’ll give me nothing but headaches. So I’m very glad that she deserves her success,” she explained.

The Your Face Sounds Familiar judge said that even with her busy schedule, she enjoys her “me” time on her days off. “Oh my God that’s the whole day, seriously pajamas the whole day. I wake up, I eat, I read, I do whatever on my laptop, I watch YouTube, I sleep again. Sleep is my luxury. When I have a whole day, I sleep as much as I can,” she shared.

Apart from reading, Sharon said she likes to surf the net to watch interesting videos. “It’s a variety eh. And usually I go back to a book I really like or when there’s a good book and when I start it I’m not able to finish it because of all the commitments, then I get hilo na in the car now. Unlike before I could read. I’m kind of addicted to YouTube a bit so I just surf (laughs),” she added.