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EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta is excited to watch Crazy Rich Asians, “We should be proud of Kris!”

The History Maker awardee admits she also dreams of being in a Holywood movie some day.


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8/14/2018 9:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta is excited to watch Crazy Rich Asians, “We should be proud of Kris!”


After being given the History Maker award during last weekend’s HistoryCon 2018 event, Sharon Cuneta said she will always appreciate being given recognition in different fields. “It never gets old especially something like this because it comes from a prestigious and respected channel and you’re chosen by a distinguished group of people so special is parang a lame word for it. It goes beyond that so I was medyo shocked,” she told PUSH.

With a career that has spanned four decades, the Megastar said she already has a long list of historical milestones in her career. “Parang there’s so many babies because I’m in every medium there is. You have my former longtime running TV show where I won awards for as best show host and then I have the grand slam best actress awards and of course I have the golden multi-platinum record awards so parang in all areas I’ve been recognized for my efforts. It’s overwhelming and it’s been 40 years,” she said.

The Your Face Sounds Familiar judge said she is happy to be blessed at this point in her career. “I think at this point, God has blessed with me so much na I’m nahihiya to ask na for more. But if movies pa, good movie roles come and it’s nice to be in a place na you can choose na the roles that you’re going to have to do. I don’t want to be doing three movies a year anymore, just really choice projects,” she said.

Even with her various achievements Sharon said she will still be thankful for every new and exciting opportunity that comes her way. “If I’m blessed like Kris (Aquino) to be given a movie probably in Hollywood, that would be really the icing on the cake and all. Beautiful icing. But I’m not really counting on going that far. That’s just a dream. I’m really fine now,” she shared/

After reading the book, the History Maker awardee said she is also excited to watch Crazy Rich Asians and show support for Kris Aquino. “I’m very proud because Kris is a Filipina actress who is very well known across the globe over TFC and by many Filipinos. Not just by her father’s name or her parents’ name rather but also because of the name she’s made for herself. So no matter what people say, I’m sure it’s an important role otherwise she wouldn’t have auditioned for it. She wouldn’t have wasted her time, what for? She has a whole empire that she’s running. And I don’t understand some Filipinos who just can’t be proud and happy for a fellow Filipino,” she said.

Sharon hopes Pinoys would choose to support their fellow countryman’s achievements instead of questioning it. “Because you know what, what she has done makes us all look good. So it’s like what Lea (Salonga) did. And this one, not only for Filipinos but also for Asians. So it kind of brings the world’s focus to us, on us, and isn’t that such a nice thing, that we should be proud of Kris and of the movie,” she added.