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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Vikings’ star Katheryn Winnick falls in love with the Philippines

‘Vikings’ star Katheryn Winnick admits she initially thought the Philippines was not a good place to visit.


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8/12/2018 11:03 AM
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Vikings’ star Katheryn Winnick falls in love with the Philippines


As one of the stars headlining in this year’s HistoryCon event organized by the History Channel, Katheryn Winnick (who plays Queen Legartha in the popular cable series Vikings) said she has been enjoying her first ever visit to the country. After spending time in El Nido, Palawan, the Canadian actress said her initial fears about coming here were unfounded. “My perception of the Philippines was it wasn’t a place to visit. But I’m wrong. I think it is a place to visit. Everyone should visit it. It’s beautiful. The beaches are incredible. The islands are insane and remarkable and I feel everyone should come to the Philippines and see it. Why go to Thailand? Why go to Bali? Go to the Philippines because you have a beautiful culture, great food, and amazing islands to explore,” she shared.

The Vikings star couldn’t help but gush over the sights and good food she experienced. “I went to El Nido and then I went to Siquijor and I got a chance to do a cross-province trip by car with a chance to stop and get to spend some time with some of the locals and had the best coconuts and the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life, the best little scallops, the most amazing shrimp. I will come back to America and I’m going to tell everybody that they have to come to the Philippines because your country is stunning. I would love to come back to the Philippines!” she exclaimed.

As an actress playing one of the strongest female characters on television today, as well as directing behind the camera, Katheryn also shared tips on what it takes to have some real life “girl power.” “One is do self-defense. Everybody has to learn how to defend themselves through knowledge. Two, have a strong support system around you, girlfriends, being able to have friends you can run to in any case. And three is have a strong voice. Say ‘no’ when it doesn’t feel right and don’t be afraid to use your voice. There’s something I’ve learned about the Filipino country is that they don’t like to speak loud but I think it’s important that women around the world, forget about the culture, if it doesn’t feel right, say no and take power in that because there’s a lot of strength in that,” she shared.