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Mikey Bustos shares his top eight reasons why you should visit Taipei, Taiwan

Mikey Bustos shares his experience visiting one of the top foodie destinations in Southeast Asia.


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7/8/2018 9:50 AM
Mikey Bustos shares his top eight reasons why you should visit Taipei, Taiwan


Popular comedian and YouTube personality Mikey Bustos said that one of the most colorful places he has visited in Asia is the foodie central of Taipei, Taiwan. During the recent Fun Taipei 2018 media launch held last July 3, Mikey shared with PUSH his top five reasons why Taipei should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.


8. The warm hospitality

“Every time I’ve been to Taiwan, the reception has been great. Even my friends who are not celebrities or anything, when they traveled there they loved it. We just had so much fun in Taipei.”


7. Fashion everywhere

“Their fashion district is amazing. They have all the luxury brands. If you’re a fan of luxury brands, go there because they have this thing called ‘babay’ sales. I didn’t know what that was at first, but it’s basically like clearance sale. So you get lots of good shopping and brands that are unique to Taipei, you can buy there too.”


6. Great cityscape

“I’m not really a fan of architecture, but when I went to Taipei I was like ‘Wow!’ The temples are great. You’ll see it in all of my vlogs. We vlog daily and I vlogged every single thing there so you guys can see!”


5. A different vibe

“It’s different there. It is not like Binondo or Chinatown here. There are lots of different vibes there. It’s not all the same everywhere. Like they have an old Taipei which is really cool. It’s old but it’s kind of like revamped, be kind of millennial, new. And they have that fashion district. The night market doesn’t feel Pinoy and it doesn’t even feel Fookien. It feels really different.”


4. Budget friendly travel

“My budget was like P15,000 to really enjoy but there are lots of places to really save also and I mean it’s affordable, it’s more affordable than some of the other Asian countries. Every time I’ve been there only three days and you can see a lot in three days.  We Filipinos like buffet because it’s mas sulit so there’s lots of that stuff in Taipei. All affordable surprisingly.”


3. All day shopping

“All of times of the day, from the time you wake up all the way until nighttime all the night markets are really great. There are amazing restaurants and buildings surprisingly. The markets are amazing, so good. Lots of shopping there, too. They have their version of Quiapo but different, Taipei version. I loved going there and buying pasalubong. If you’re a pasalubong freak and you’re going to get in trouble if you don’t buy pasalubong for your family so make a stop at the night market. It’s really nice.”   


2. Instagram-friendly city

“For sure take the sightseeing bus because at the end they have this cool spot where you can take a selfie with Taipei 101. Night markets have really amazing lighting there surprisingly even though it’s dark. Amba hotels, great view especially if you get a room that has this amazing view of the city and it’s so artsy. There’s lots of great Instagram opportunities. And the temples—wow, amazing. Some of the best I’ve ever seen.”


1. Foodie paradise

“Oh it’s so hard to choose my favorites. I have to ask my stomach (laughs). The night market food, the street food iba. It’s so yummy. It’s kind of like a Taiwanese spin on our Pinoy street food. So there’s that, bubble tea, shaved ice, everything. For sure you should try the stinky tofu, it’s really good. Their chicken is yummy, the beef noodles are so good. I highly recommend Mala hotpot. I couldn’t believe it, there was so much and it’s buffet.”