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Matteo Guidicelli on having his own denim line: ‘That was my dream’

Matteo Guidicelli tells the story behind his Matteo X Avel ripped jeans line.

Matteo Guidicelli on having his own denim line: ‘That was my dream’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/06/2018 09:17 AM
Matteo Guidicelli on having his own denim line: ‘That was my dream’


After recently launching the Matteo X Avel ripped jeans line with local Pinoy designer Avel Bacudio, Matteo Guidicelli explained that the collaboration first started in 2017. “Basically  it happened last year. We worked with a different company and Avel and I were talking and I was super into these ripped jeans. Sabi ko, ‘Pare, can we make our own collaboration?’ At first he didn’t know if I was that into it yet so hindi siya nag-oo right away, But I was very persistent until finally he made the magic. He came out with different pegs. I sent him my pegs and we collaborated and a year after manufactured na and it’s out to the public with Shopee,” he said during the Shopee Celebrity Club Launch event held last July 3 in Makati City.

The 28-year-old actor and businessman also shared why he specifically chose to focus on jeans for his very first venture into the fashion business. “Jeans for me kasi it was something I was wearing all the time and I really wanted my own cut, my own rips. I wanted my own so that was my dream so I told him. But basically jeans because it’s very basic. It could work with anything, a white t-shirt, a black t-shirt, formal, you can wear it with different things. And Avel did his magic to collaborate with me and make it happen. So I feel like jeans is perfect with everything, kumbaga everyone,” he proudly shared.

Apart from his female family members giving personal approval of his women’s line, Matteo admitted even his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo has tried on a pair. “Our line for women is amazing. I really told Avel we have to work on that properly because when a woman puts on our jeans, it gives them ten more points kumbaga their figure, everything is so much nicer. It compliments a woman’s body kumbaga. Sana people will like it and appreciate it and help out also with the advocacy. We want every Filipino to feel, look, and be sexy,” he explained.

Matteo sadi his jeans were designed for everyone and also includes an advocacy behind it. “Our design is ripped jeans and Avel is not just an ordinary designer. He’s one of the award-winning designers in Asia and the price P1,499 I think is very affordable. It’s not expensive, it’s not cheap but 20% of the sales here go to his advocacy in Baguio so that’s what’s very nice about it. We’re not just getting money, we’re really giving back. So that’s what’s nice about Avel kumbaga. The last thing they think about is money (laughs). He really wants to give back. That’s his experimental project. Hopefully after this project we can still collaborate and do bigger things together,” he added.

With a busy acting career, a family restaurant, and now a new fashion line, Matteo said it is just the start of building a possible business empire in the future. “Hopefully this is just a start of Avel and I sana. We start with denim and sana in the future we could collaborate more and expand our brand hopefully. We’ll see. We’ll take it step by step. But Avel he’s a crazy designer on his own. I’m just lucky to be with him and collaborate with this nice project with him,” he said.