Jameson Blake apologizes for offending graphic designers



7/6/2018 9:30 AM
Jameson Blake apologizes for offending graphic designers

Photo credit: @hashtag_jameson (L)


Jameson Blake’s recent tweet where he asked for a “simple” design in exchange of a shout out drew flak and some graphic designers expressed their dismay with his tweet.

Any graphic designers here? Who’s willing to make me a cover photo/banner for (ex. YouTube, twitch). I need a banner with the username ‘LucidExpress’. Best one gets a shout out from me,” he wrote.

After receiving negative comments, the Hashtags member apologized to those who got offended by his tweet.

Regarding my tweet yesterday. Hopefully to stop all this fuss. I apologize to all the graphic designers thinking I’m trying to degrade their art work for something litter as a “shout-out”. I know graphic designing isn’t an easy job and it requires a lot of work. I did not expect this would become a big issue. I was basically seeking volunteers, no one HAD to do it. I wasn’t obligating anyone to make one. It was just a favor by promoting the artwork. Promoting in ways for the artwork to be known & exposed and you never know, people would actually like it. But if that’s not the case, just simply ignore my tweet. Once again, I’m sorry and have no intention to look down on graphic designers and their artwork,” he wrote.

Netizens had mixed reactions to his apology. Some understood his point while others underscored that just getting exposure wouldn’t help them with their bills.