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LOOK: Mari Jasmin comes out as bisexual, shares inspiring message

TV host, blogger and model, Mari Jasmin took the Instagram to share an inspiring personal message for the LGBT community.


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7/5/2018 1:05 PM
LOOK: Mari Jasmin comes out as bisexual, shares inspiring message

Photo credit to the owner (L)/ @givemesam (R) on IG


On Saturday, July 30, many celebrities like Awra Briguela, BJ Pascual, and Luis Hontiveros were spotted at the Marikina Sports Center, celebrating the Metro Manila Pride. Along with them was Sam Milby’s ex-girlfriend Mari Jasmin who is now in a relationship with Samantha Lee, the director of ‘Baka Bukas’ (an LGBT-themed movie). 

In an Instagram post with her girlfriend holding her hand, Mari had come out as bisexual and said, “Pride is about celebrating love, equality, and owning your truth. So here’s mine: in the little time I’ve spent on this earth, I’ve had the privilege of being in love with both men and women.” 

The blogger-model also took the chance to talk about the advocacy on equal rights and her shared dreams with Direk Sam. “We still have a long way to go to reach acceptance and equality, especially here in the Philippines. My dream is to live in a world where I feel safe walking down the street holding my girlfriend’s hand. A world where I have the same fundamental human rights that I would be entitled to if I were in a straight, heteronormative relationship. 

The proud Mari Jasmin also has a message to those who feel lost and confused with their identity. “To those who don’t have any friends or family in the LGBTQIA+ community, I implore you to reach out and start learning. We are often only afraid of the things we don’t know or understand. To reach equality, we need our allies to be as passionate and vocal about our rights as we are… To the LGBTQIA+ community and to those who are still questioning/figuring out who you are - you are wonderful, worthy and loved. Don’t let any person or any institution let you think otherwise. I stand by you and I will fight with you forever! 🌈🎉❤️”