Ylona Garcia has this to say to her bashers

She also thanked her family and friends for whom she has drawn support right from the start.



7/31/2018 11:01 AM
Ylona Garcia has this to say to her bashers


Having opened up on social media about going through depression, Ylona Garcia revealed during the recently-concluded MOR Pinoy Music Awards that she wanted to let everyone know about the importance of mental health and that people should spread love instead of negativity.  

“The reason why I really want to share that because I want everybody to be aware of their mental health. I want everybody to know it is completely normal to feel the way they are feeling. They shouldn’t feel invalidated. Yun lang, that’s the only thing I want to share. And you just constantly spread love ‘coz I think that’s what is needed in the world today,” Ylona said. 

Despite having a breakdown due to all the hate on social media, Ylona Garcia still keeps herself visible in online platforms to let her fans know that she is “still here.”

“I got support from my family, from my friends and, of course, from my fans. They are the people that really help me out. I am always on social media making sure that everybody is updated, making sure to everybody that I am still here. I always just check,” the 16-year-old artist said. 

Above anything else, Ylona Garcia wants to thank her fans who have stayed with her through thick and thin.

“To my fans, I love you guys so much. You guys, honestly, are my number one priority and my everything. I hope you guys know that I’m always going to be here and I will always constantly try my best. It will not always be enough, but I’m trying,” she said.

But her bashers didn’t slip out on her list of people to thank for, as well.

“To my bashers, thank you for being one of the reasons that I keep fighting. I hope you guys are okay as well. I wish you guys well and good luck in life, honestly. I mean, living naman is really hard, eh,” she stated.