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LOOK: Kobe Paras joins Jackie Forster's family pictorial



07/28/2018 08:55 AM


Jackie Forster happily shared on Instagram another milestone in her life as son Kobe Paras joined their family pictorial. 

The former actress said that her son has made one of her dreams come true.  

"This was once just a “dream sequence” for me, yesterday it was my reality. I tried to savor every minute while keeping everyone on track and organized," she began one of her posts about the family portrait.  

Although her eldest, Andre, was not able to join them, Jackie said she is very happy and grateful for what has happened to her and her sons. 

"While one of my babies wasn’t able to make time, the other one was there.. so what do I do? Focus on all these beautiful kids infront of me, right? Right. Keeping my eyes on the Lord, while I patiently wait on His time to make ALL things right.  One thing I know for sure is that Andre loves me. That’s enough for me at the moment. That’s more than what I had not so long ago. This mama is keeping it positive. A grateful heart is a blessed heart," she added. 

Jackie was formerly married to basketball player turned actor Benjie Paras, with whom she has 2 sons. She is now happily married to Dutch businessman Michael Franken and they have 3 kids -- Jared, Caleigh and Yohan.