Claudine Barretto gives daughter Sabina a Rolex watch

Claudine Barretto refers to her eldest as the ‘best daughter in the world’



7/25/2018 10:14 AM
Claudine Barretto gives daughter Sabina a Rolex watch

Photo credit: @claubarretto on IG


After her daughter Sabina’s 8th grade graduation from the Multiple Intelligence School earlier this year and in celebration of her 14th birthday this month, Claudine Barretto passed on a tradition that she herself grew up with by giving her eldest daughter her first luxury watch. Claudine talked about the gesture in an Instagram post last July 24 where she said she also hoped that Sabina could carry on the tradition with her own daughter in the future. 

She wrote:

Since you’ve been a very Good Girl im passing this watch to u na.i was 13 when i got to buy my 1st Rolex & this was my forth which of course will go to my Sabina.this is both my Moving to upper school & birthday gift to u Anak.take good care of it as i did so u can pass it on to your daughter some day.i luv u so much Sabbie! #bestdaughterintheworld @sabina_barretto_14"