Sharon Cuneta: 'There is no problem between me and Kris'

Sharon Cuneta stresses that all is well between her and Kris Aquino



7/20/2018 12:54 PM
Sharon Cuneta: 'There is no problem between me and Kris'


In an open letter posted by Julia Barretto on her Instagram account, Sharon Cuneta expressed her support for the actress amid the issues about the box-office performance of the latest movie "I Love You, Hater." Sharon commented, "I am so proud of you, my Julia. God shall honor your faith in Him, your belief in the fact that everything that happens is part of His plan for each of us. And you shall be blessed because you know how to thank everyone of those who have joined you in your journey - as an individual, an actor who is more than just a pretty face and who is actually passionate and respectful of her work and co-workers. And [I will] say the same about Joshua."

After the Megastar posted the comment, a netizen asked Sharon, "Oh my! Please it's also Kris' movie, why didn't you congratulate her too?" 

In response to the netizen's question, Sharon wrote, "Read my first post in the comments section of Julia's open letter here. I acknowledged Kris because this is also her movie. But I am being supportive of the one who wrote the open letter because I love her and she deserves my support. There is no problem between me and Kris so let's not make one."

Another netizen asked the Megastar, "How about Kris Aquino our dear Mega? I hope everything's OK between you two because I love you both!"

Sharon responded, "We have no problem and I certainly do not want to cause one. I am merely giving my Julia and Joshua love and support which they deserve."

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