Tommy Esguerra comments on the possibility of a TomiHo reunion

Tommy Esguerra comments on the possibility of a TomiHo reunion-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


07/17/2018 10:35 AM
Tommy Esguerra comments on the possibility of a TomiHo reunion


“Who knows? Let’s see,” Tommy Esguerra replied to the possibility of bringing back the ToMiho tandem. “It’s a hard situation, ‘di ba?” Tommy and ex-girlfriend Miho Nishida had a solid following even after the end of Pinoy Big Brother 737, but their relationship ended soon after. While not closing any doors, Tommy has chosen to move on to other things. 

“Right now, I want to move towards performing more, hosting,” he said. While acting in a TV series is a possibility, he is in no rush to pursue that track just yet. “I’d give some time for that, but maybe another couple of months. Right now, I’m just part of a group. We do a lot of endorsements.”

Tommy recently shared the limelight with other #SMYouthDenim brand ambassadors at the My Denim Show held at SM Makati last weekend. Kaila Estrada and Richard Juan also joined him in the line up. While he credits PBB for boosting his confidence, he traces the roots of his career to his SM Youth family. “If not for SM Youth, I wouldn’t even be getting into showbiz. They’re the ones who molded me.”

Tommy started modelling when he moved to the Philippines. “I’m from California. I’m not an artist, I’m not a model. I’m just a guy. And I’m not fashionable.” It wasn’t an easy move for him, and admittedly, he had to learn a lot to be where he is now. He prefers the street casual look, but has done high fashion shoots as well. “I had to become fashionable. I had to learn about how to dress myself, how to walk. I think my first ever fashion show, I was all awkward and weird. I had to grow.” 

He realized that there’s so much room for growth. “Fashion, there’s just so much to it,” he explains. “There’s so many types of models. You might even get into photography, styling, make up.” He also wants to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams. “Just go for it! You’ll start to realize how much you can do. A lot of people doubt themselves, but if it’s your passion, then just go for it!”