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REVIEW: 'I Love You, Hater' teaches the importance of honesty in relationships

Spoiler Alert: Julia Barretto particularly stood out in the film with her powerful performance.



7/16/2018 8:20 AM
REVIEW: 'I Love You, Hater' teaches the importance of honesty in relationships


Whatever relationships you get into — whether it be simple friendships or intimate ones, you must always learn how to value the trust given to you. That's exactly how I Love You, Hater wants us to know.

Zoey (Julia Barretto), has always dreamt of working for media empress Sasha played by Kris Aquino. But she caught herself competing with a guy named Joko (Joshua Garcia) who mistakenly went after an assistant job he didn't intentionally apply for. 

Having lied to his family about working in the U.S., Joko eventually revealed to Zoey - who values truth more than anything else in the world - why he had to fool his family into believing something that isn't true. 

Zoey then sacrificed the job for him because she thought he needed it more than she does. But things get rough when Zoey confessed about having feelings for him even though she knew she wouldn't get the same love from him because she knew he was gay. 

But the thing is, he wasn't actually gay. So he revealed to her that he just pretended that he was gay just to get a shot at working in Sasha's media empire. 

As if his revelation would turn things around and be in favor of him, Zoey breaks down in tears, unleashing her rage for making her feel like a fool right from the start. 

Though I Love You, Hater falls under the same formula of Star Cinema's list of romantic-comedy films, the message it intends to send to its audiences and the powerful performances of its actors - particularly Julia Barretto - is worth spending your money on. 

Kris Aquino is also a revelation in the film. You'll definitely see a side of her you haven't seen before. She has this one scene in the film that will move you to tears, so you better watch out for that one. 

While the trailer gives off a happy vibe to the film, the truth is, it will hurt you - but the kind of hurt that will let you realize why it's better to be honest than to create a series of lies that could cost you to lose the person you love the most. 

I Love You, Hater is now showing in cinemas nationwide.