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Who ‘walked away’ from Elisse Joson when she needed help?



7/12/2018 10:35 AM
Who ‘walked away’ from Elisse Joson when she needed help?

Photo credit: @elissejosonn on IG


Elisse Joson made netizens curious after posting a long cryptic message about what she recently went through. In her now deleted Instagram story, she shared how that person “walked away” during the time she needed him/her the most.

“I wish I had the chance to speak up that night. If I had, here's what I'll tell you... All I was asking for was time and care. I needed it most that time because I was away from the people closest to me to fight for what means a lot to me. Myself. And love.

“It if came off too needy, shame on me. But that night when I needed you most, you walked away. Sabi mo suko ka na. And then did all the social media moves of unfollowing and tweeting. That left me even more confused and crushed. No messages. No anything.

“Next time I saw you was that next night to celebrate. Celebrate the people who love us. I do appreciate the act you did. It wasn't easy doing something you're not comfortable doing just for someone," she posted.

Then she added: "That was heartfelt. You making it a public thing is something I'll be happy for if only you'd tried to talks to me privately and if we were ok to begin with. Though, at that time, I felt you. SO that was why I loosened up and tried enjoying the night. I had hopes that we would end up talking without all eyes on us. Though the celebration ended, we were at a different gathering afterwards, and still nothing. As if nothing happened. So please don't wonder why I'm doing this in public. It's because that's what you gave to me."

It is not yet clear whom she is referring to, but fans of her and her onscreen partner McCoy de Leon got worried.