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EXCLUSIVE: What did Nadine Lustre give her parents for their silver wedding anniversary?

Nadine Lustre also talks about how her cosmetics line came to be.


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7/1/2018 1:42 PM
EXCLUSIVE: What did Nadine Lustre give her parents for their silver wedding anniversary?


Nadine Lustre shared how her cosmetics line Lustrous came to be in an exclusive interview with PUSH during the Nadine Lustre x BYS Beauty Convention at Whitespace Manila on Saturday, June 30.

Saying that it was makeup company BYS who started the idea, she said that feels really blessed and grateful that, “Out of all the other celebrities that they could have picked, they picked me.

According to Nadine, this has been one of the things she has always wanted to do—to help people who are suffering from low self-esteem to feel confident about themselves.

I, too, as a teenager, went through that stage so I wanted to be there for all my fans, for everyone who wants to feel more confident, more beautiful. This is my way of showing them support.

As the young actress launched vibrant and shimmering palettes, Nadine, who revealed that she was really hands on with this endeavor, relayed that the beach setting was her inspiration for the colors.

I wanted to create a makeup line that’s beach-friendly, that’s summer-friendly because you know how during the summer, it’s too hot and medyo malagkit, especially here the weather is really humid so ‘yun nga, malagkit siya and palaging oily so I wanted to make a makeup line that’s friendly sa weather natin,” she said as she talked about how practical and suitable her products are.

When asked about what makes Lustrous special, she echoed empowerment as she shared her main goal for her customers—for them to feel beautiful inside and out. Also, she added, “And I kind of want them to feel na parang this is me. This is a part of me. If they buy Lustrous, parang nafi-feel nila na mayroong hint ni Nadine dito. And, it’s nice to know that I give them that feeling.

In the cosmetics field, Nadine said she has another line coming up that she is so excited about. “It’s new, it has more colors. Of course, it’s still thematic. And because my birthday is coming up, it’s a birthday collection,” she said.

Meanwhile, her parents Ulysses and Myraquel celebrated their silver wedding anniversary the day before the beauty convention, June 29. 

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Nadine shared that she planned most of the celebration, her parents’ renewal of vows. “I mean I hired my friend to set up the whole thing. It wasn’t easy because we had two weeks of preparation so it was nerve-wracking, it was really stressful but I mean you got through it.

My parents wanted to have a simple celebration but for me kasi, celebrating 25 years is something else, 25 years of marriage together. I mean I’m 24 so my whole life, they’ve been together. There were struggles and everything but I mean, it’s something else ‘pag 25 years na.

The whole celebration, the whole party is my gift sa kanila,” she said, adding that her parents were happy on their special day, which is the most important thing for her.