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REVIEW: The top six Hugot Lines from ‘Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story)’

Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis’s new anti-romantic drama is a lesson in loving and leaving.



6/7/2018 11:24 AM
REVIEW: The top six Hugot Lines from ‘Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story)’

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1. “This is not a love story. Hindi naman lahat ng may ‘I love you’ love story na eh.

In the film, Dingdong’s character Sid is a stockbroker who is determined to attain an ambitious, powerful, and picture perfect life at all costs. He believes that people are only worth knowing if they are useful to him and all the connections around him should be strategic, logical, and to a certain degree, disposable. He has become so used to detachment that he has come to believe that being in love is a weakness, and not a blessing. 


2. “In this business, you are what you ride, who you ride, who you f****** ride.”


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For someone who is brilliant at what he does, Sid’s concept of romance is unclear and distant. He already has everything he thinks he needs in his life; a promising career as a stock broker, a trophy girlfriend, an expensive car, and a luxurious home. When he meets Aya, romance is definitely the last thing on his mind.


3. “The things that we love will eventually kill us.”



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Sid’s constant sleeplessness pushes him to seek comfort in the company of Aya, a virtual stranger he meets in an an all night cafe. But even though he finds her refreshing to talk to, his jaded beliefs in life make for the start of an interesting friendship and possibly an even more unconventional romance.


4. “Hindi mo puwedeng ikulong ang isang puso.”


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Unlike Sid, Anne’s character Aya is a free spirit who has had her own share of experiences when it comes to love and breaking up. That’s why her philosophy is not to hold on to fractured love. She would rather leave than stay in a relationship where she feels she is no longer wanted and will set the person she loves free despite how she feels.


5. “Kung hindi love, malaking sugal ‘yan.”

When Sid asks for advice from Aya about proposing to his girlfriend, she gives him this no-nonsense answer without letting on how she really feels inside. With all his calculated moves in life, Sid is willing to take one of the biggest risks of his life without giving any consideration for love. 


6. “Lahat may kanya-kanyang sira sa utak. Depende na lang kung papaano mo itatago.”

In a world where there are many secrets, everyone can be fractured, damaged, imperfect in their own ways. Everyone deals with it differently. Some better than the others. Sid and Aya are two very different people who connect unexpectedly when they decide to trust and let each other into each other’s world.