Janella Salvador blames Elmo Magalona for online backlash

Janella Salvador clarifies real reason why she was a no-show at the ‘Walwal’ premiere.



6/29/2018 10:51 AM
Janella Salvador blames Elmo Magalona for online backlash

Photo credit: @superjanella on IG


During the recent premiere of the movie Walwal, fans of the ElNella love team were disappointed to find out that Janella Salvador did not attend the event and took it to mean that things were not okay between her and Elmo Magalona since she did not show support for his movie. 

Last June 28, the 20-year-old actress took to her Instagram account and shared a post on her IG Story clarifying the reason for her absence and stating it was Elmo’s fault that fans misunderstood what happened. Janella explained that the real reason she did not attend the premiere was because she had already informed Elmo that she preferred to watch the movie in private but the actor told interviewers that she was busy instead. This led to the Janella receiving backlash online from netizens speculating that all is not well between the two stars. 



She wrote:

“I’m sorry.

“I didn’t want to resort to this, but I cannot tolerate getting all the backlash because of someone’s wrong choice of words for the benefit of the movie. I know he did not want to disappoint our supporters but it was at my expense. I was not ‘busy’ during the premiere night. I informed Elmo in advance that I would prefer to watch the movie in private and he agreed.

“He understood so that may be the reason why he did not invite me anymore. 

“He probably just doesn’t know how to word things probably sometimes under pressure.
Lesson learned, I hope.

“I know that not everyone will listen to me but I also know that I at least deserve to speak up.

“I still sincerely wish the movie all the best.

“Again, I’m sorry. 

“I’m sure you all know that I would always choose to defend @elmomagalona (even he knows that)”

The actress also recently deleted her Twitter account earlier this week.