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K-pop idol Nichkhun on turning 30 this year: ‘I’m happy if my fans are happy’

K-pop idol Nichkhun talks about his first adventure in the Philippines.


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6/28/2018 9:21 AM
K-pop idol Nichkhun on turning 30 this year: ‘I’m happy if my fans are happy’

As part of one of the two teams competing in the second season of One Night Food Trip: International Edition, K-pop heartthrob and 2PM member Nichkhun said fans will be surprised at how much food he and teammate Xander Lee will consume in the show. “I think they’ve never seen us eat that much. During filming we would meet each other at the gym and be like, ‘I’m here to digest’ (laughs). That’s the only side they haven’t seen because we were really just being ourselves in the show. So our true fans would know. It would be like, ‘How do they eat so much? Why don’t they get fat?’ This trip it actually helped a lot that Xander actually knew more about Filipino culture and traditions so he was telling me a bunch of things. A lot of it was nonsense but a lot of it was very helpful (laughs). You’ll see in the show what I’m talking about,” he shared.

The 2 PM member shared why his latest Philippine visit was one of the most memorable. “It’s very different this time because every time we would come for a concert I didn’t have time to see anything because we would always just be airport, hotel, to the venue and then back to the hotel and then airport. So we never get to experience the country. But in this trip we actually went to different places in Cebu and then we came back to Manila. We went to so many places and I got to feel what it’s like to be in the Philippines so it was a really meaningful trip for me,” he explained.

After turning 30 years old last June 24, the popular singer said he is still focused on working hard for his loyal fans. “I don’t know. I don’t feel that much different. It’s just more like the work that I have to do now that 2PM is on hold because of the military service of the members, so I have a lot more time for individual activities. I think that’s the only difference that I feel. But other than that I’d still work out, I still play badminton and play sports so I still feel young,” he said.

With a very successful career, the One Night Food Trip star said he is not the type to expect to receive awards. “I just work hard for my fans. I’m not expecting to receive any awards but I’m very thankful and grateful if they give one to me. But as long as my fans are happy and my work comes out well then I’m happy. I don’t need an award really. If you get one then that’s good but I’m happy if my fans are happy,” he added.